Undersea is a series of photographs taken underwater in Prince Edward Island, Canada & Mallorca, Spain. In order to interfere as little as possible with the elements involved in creating the image – the water, the light, the shadow, the reflections – a spontaneous approach was used to shoot the photos, and control was largely relinquished to the elements themselves and the inherent fluidity of movement therein.  The continuity of light above and below the water can serve as a reminder of the connection between all living things, in all environments and realms. This is a series borne out of a love of water and especially of the variety and wildness of the ocean. At a time when the oceans are threatened, I wanted to work together with the water and the waves to create these images, a tribute to the beauty I find there.

This body of work was created between 2014 – 2015, and was exhibited at the small town Market Gallery in Charlottetown, presented by this town is small Artist Run Centre, in 2015.