The Sky is Always Moving

The Sky is Always Moving:  an exploration of dance & the human experience is a multi-media installation project that includes video, photo, and sculptural elements.  It was created between 2011 – 2012 and was exhibited at the UNB Art Centre in 2012 and at the Island Media Arts Festival in 2014.

This project began with the question:  when we feel moved to dance, what keeps from actually dancing?

The installation is in three parts, each of which convey a different perspective on the relationship between the human body, the act of dancing & the desire to dance, and the things that get in our way:
1) the body cage (your body holds you back)

2) the heavy heart (your heart weighs you down)
3) the haunted mind (your thoughts exhaust you)

In many ways I see the amount of dancing in one’s life as being directly proportional to living fully. I’m looking not only at the formal study of dance, but dance as pure movement, as expression, as a response to rhythm or music, as a way of uniting the body and the spirit. Everything begins with the heartbeat, the breath, and then that rhythm directs the course of our lives. We are built to move, to dance; we are designed for motion. And yet so often we resist. The Sky is Always Moving is about dance as intrinsic to our human experience; a force that moves forever within us whether we express it or not.

This project was created thanks to the generous support of the PEI Council of the Arts.

The video component of this work was a collaborative effort with the following wonderful people:
Original music:  Devon Ross
Choreography:  Julie Scriver
Dancers:  Celine Gorham and Devon Ross