resting piece

An outdoor installation created for Art in the Open 2015.  This jury-selected project consists of 2 hammocks hung between trees on the front green of Victoria Park, Charlottetown, PEI.

The pieces are constructed from canvas hammocks with a hand-felted wool and silk cover embedded with LED lights for illumination at night.  The felt cover of the hammock is able to be raised, allowing viewers to get into the hammock, lie down, and pull the lid closed after them.  The cocoon structures are intended to provide a moment of privacy while in the atmosphere of a public festival, though they intentionally will give only a thin barrier between the private and public space. This act of hiding in plain sight speaks to the rare opportunities we now have for real privacy, which, it can be argued, is a mental construct in the first place, and therefore possible to create by an act as simple as covering oneself up.

The title, a play on the phrase rest in peace, is a reference to the growing trend of using “eco-coffins” or natural, compostable materials such as textiles for human burial, in an effort to relate to and commune with nature.