everything is fine

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everything is fine is a photo and video work-in-progress started in 2014 that explores the persistence and security of daily household routine and ritual in the face of disaster and ruin.

Denial of catastrophe is a tactic of survival and the retention of daily ritual as a part of this denial can be a source of great comfort. In current times there is much that could be considered disastrous, whole environments that are collapsing, and yet life continues more or less as ever, filled with small observances and daily habits.

The final project will consist of 3 segments, with segment 1 completed thus far.  The first segment was shot on location in an abandoned house in Prince Edward Island with assistance from the following crew:

Brian Sharp on camera, Savannah Belsher-Maclean for Hair/Make-up, Millefiore Clarkes for video editing, Sarah Forrester Wendt & Nathan Baker are the models, and Devon Ross composed the original music.